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What is The Ex Factor Guide

The Ex Factor Guide is considered to be an effective dating guide that was primarily introduced by Brad Browning. This guide is perfect for all women and men who really wanted to get the love and care of their ex back. In this type of guide, the author shared step by step and very unique approach for immediately getting your ex back right after your breakup. This guide doesn’t only help men and women to get their ex back right after their breakup but also helps them acquire healthy, long lasting and strong relationship. This is one way of erase all negative memories towards restoring romantic memories. Once, you’ve make use of guide, you’re assured that you will be getting all romantic memories that you’ve spend together.

About the Author – Brad Browning

The Ex Factor Guide was created by Brad Browning. This is the result of the huge numbers of years of expertise by relationship advice and dating coach columnist Brad Browning. This is considered to be a comprehensive type of guide that helps you identify some of your previous mistakes in your relationship at the same time helped you on how to deal with everything. Brad Browning is considered to be a relationship counselor that helps women and men get back their ex since the last ten years. Since he can’t share his own experience to all, hence he was able to create this type of guide which he knows could be a great help to those who have suffered from breakup hence still hopeful that their relationship deserves second chance.

How does The Ex Factor Guide work?

This program relies on your psychological power. It helps us embark on a journey of self-realization so we can take better control of our past, present, and future. Through this course, the author hopes to help you achieve three key goals:

  • Getting him or her to think about you and long for those old days when they enjoyed being with you.
  • Using reverse psychology and covert jealousy to make him or her to start begging for your attention.
  • Getting him or her to inevitably contact you.

What you will Find Inside?

It is always essential to know that this The Ex Factor Guide is not just a single type of PDF file but it is an effective collection of bonuses and materials that help you to get your ex back. Here are the lists of the things that you may find in this guide and these include the following:

•    160-page interactive (E-Book)
•    5 Hours Pro Audio Course
•    3-Part Pro Video Series
•    Bonus 1 (E-Book) – How To Read A Man (For Ladies) or 10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction (For Men)
•    Bonus 2 (E-Book) – Why Men Pull Away (For Ladies) or 7 Steps to Sex Appeal (For Men)
•    Bonus 3 (E-Book) – Flawless Fat Loss Guide (For Ladies) or Flawless Physique Fitness Guide (For Men)

These are only some of the best things you may get when you get in touch with this The Ex Factor Guide. You’re assured that you this guide can truly help you.


  • Created by Professional and Experienced Author

Most of the programs which are made available online are made by those unprofessional people such as those ordinary people who don’t have any idea about any form of relationship. Brad Browning has the experience in helping couples on how they can develop long lasting, happy and healthy relationship. He is also considered to be an experienced relationship counselor. He has very thorough understanding of the different relationship angles as well as the best means of handling different relationship issues.

  • Different Strategies Perfect For Women and Men

The Ex Factor Guide also offers different types of strategies perfect for women and men at different types of approaches. This is completely different from all other types of guide offered online. In this guide, you’re assured that you can acquire more chances to succeed in getting your ex back.

  • Comprehensive Type of Package

Apart from the main The Ex Factor Guide itself, the author also provides other useful packages which can also help. These additional bonuses can also enhance your chance to succeed making this guide even more valuable than the other.

  • Easy and Simple to Follow

This guide is also designed to be user-friendly. This is completely detailed at the same time easy and simple for you to follow.

  • Money Back Guarantee

Apart from the bonuses, this The Ex Factor Guide also offers money back guarantee for sixty days. This is the reason why this is considered to be a risk-free and amazing guide option for you.


  • Not Enough Details on Why Most Relationship Failed

Despite of the fact that this The Ex Factor Guide is based on comprehensive type of approach; this doesn’t cover more of the potential reasons why most of the relationship in these days failed.

  • Made Available in Digital Copy Only

This is only made available in digital copy only. This is the reason why those who are expecting that this guide is a real book, well you might be disappointed.


The same as other guides made available online, this The Ex Factor Guide has both its negative and positive impact. But, this guide can help you to getting your ex back. This is even worth for you to try which is offered at its money back guarantee. Despite of some of the negative impact of this guide, more and more people are still showing their interest to make use of this guide. So, to those men and women fresh from their breakup, then don’t miss the chance to get in touch with this The Ex Factor Guide. This is a must have to try guide to help you win back your ex.

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