Flat Belly Fix

What’s The Flat Belly Fix (21 Day Flat Belly Fix) ?

The Flat Belly Fix is a coming-of-age program that is designed to help you flatten and tone your midsection​. This program focuses on targeting stubborn white fat and using that to fuel your body tohelp you lose weight ​effectively.

After hours and hours of research, trial and error, and testing, this program was developed by Todd Lamb. Including simple exercises that do not hurt or take a lot of physical strength, this program works for people of all ages who are tired of strict diets and expensive gym workouts.

The Flat Belly Fix program will reveal to you a secret spice that can be included in your diet to help you burn stubborn body fat. You will learn what foods to eat to feel better, get slimmer, and gain energy.

What’s Inside ​Flat Belly Fix ?

Flat Belly Fix ​Manual
​The Flat Belly Fix Manual gives you all the tools you need to achieve a successful result with the program. This manual evolved from years of research, training, scribbling notes, and collecting data. You will learn:

​- An astonishing method for flattening your belly
​- How weight loss industries have kept you in the dark about losing belly fat

  • What ingredients and what ratio of ingredients is required to make fat-burning tea
  • How the fat burning tea helps to boost your metabolism
  • Why the fat-burning tea helps you shed white fat cells
  • How to elevate levels of fat-burning hormones in your body
  • How to increase weight loss by accelerating your thyroid
  • What depression chemicals are and how to get them out of your diet
  • How you can reduce your chances of developing type II diabetes
  • What you can do to ​reduce your hunger

Bonuses of Flat Belly Fix ​

Bonus #1 – 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol (value $67)
​​In just 7 minutes, 4 or five days a week, the 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol helps you slim your waistline just like those on the police force. Inside this bonus, you will get a secret peek at gentle and simple movements that give you a strong belly.

Bonus #2 – ​Flat Belly Fix Smoothies Recipes (value $67)
​​This free bonus gives you easy-to-make smoothie recipes that can be used as meal replacements while you are on the program. Easy and delicious, these smoothies are filled with good ingredients to support your efforts. Plus, there is an included printable shopping list to help you get all the ingredients you need.

Bonus #3 – ​​Flat Belly Fix Elite Personal Coaching (value $157)
​​The Flat Belly Fix Elite Personal Coaching ensures you have personal access to help when you need it throughout the Flat Belly Fix program. You will get a full month of free personal coaching with ​Todd or one of their skilled staff members. That way, if you have questions, concerns, or need a little extra help, it is available so you can stick to the program and get a flat belly.

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