Lean Belly Breakthrough

What is The Lean Belly Breakthrough?

The Lean Belly Breakthrough was written by Bruce Krahn after inspiration from Dr.Henrik purposefully for people battling tummy fat and its related health issues. The program aims to walk you through a 2-minutes regular process that will be both helpful and sustainable in achieving a healthy body. Also, it targets anyone conscious of the ramifications resulting from being overweight.

Throughout this book, this author stresses on the high risks associated with accumulating fats. As such, the tips he highlights in it link the common diseases such as strokes and blood pressure to an increase in weight. He further instructs the readers on the need to fight fats using his simple yet effective ritual which requires little commitment on their side.

While it is common for bodybuilding writers to recommend certain medications to burn fat or perhaps sell what they produce, this program takes a different approach. Instead,it discourages the intake of such drugs adding that they are primary to the nasty side effects our bodies assume after long use. In a nutshell, this book assumes a modest and safe path towards cutting fat where it matters most.

How Lean Belly Breakthrough Works?

This program uses natural ingredients and simple body movements in order to offer you the desired weight loss results. For example, the downloadable e-book of this program features nine different chapters/components. The first chapter reveals a list of libido-boosting food, herbs, and spices that can control and regulate fat storage. Similarly, the second chapter features a list of bad food which can trigger severe health conditions. Also, you will reveal a list of recommended desserts that are ideal for those people that are suffering from blood sugar imbalances.

However, the fundamental core of this program is its “2-minute ritual” that will help you melt fat in various parts of your body. It includes scientifically proven tips and specific details to deal with your body weight issues.

Other chapters of Lean Belly Breakthrough include tips and tricks to prevent heart attack, manage diabetes and heart disease. Also, you will find a metabolism boosting diet plan and many instructional videos. By precisely following the aforementioned chapters, you can melt away the stubborn and unwanted body fat.

The Benefits

  • The program is designed by a credible and experienced personal health trainer who has already worked with well-known celebrities like Criss Angel and Nelly Furtado. Rest assured that Bruce Krahn’s weight loss program isn’t similar to any bogus and scam sites
  • This program perfectly works for everyone, irrespective of any age group and gender.
  • Needless to mention, the program is extremely easy to follow. It contains step-by-step instructions and detailed instructional videos. Also note, this weight loss program doesn’t promote any rigorous workout regime, artificial substances, or strict low-carb diet plan. Rather, the result can be obtained through all natural ingredients and simple body movements.
  • Lean Belly Breakthrough is quite different and unique from other weight loss programs. It is specifically designed to help you accomplish long-term results. On top of that, the program helps you identify the root cause of a problem and introduces the right workouts and meal plans


Bonus #1 –Body Fat & Hormone Guide:

In this guide, you will find about hormone and which one burn fat and which one’s stores fat. You will also discover a list of food and meal plan to balance the hormone to maintain the healthy and fit body.

Bonus #2 – 2 Minute Belly Fat Shrinking Ritual Tracking Sheet:

This tracking sheet is created to track and monitor your activity level and perform a 2-minute ritual every day. This tracking sheet is laid out helping you to track your progress and stick to the program..

Bonus #3 – Recipes and Metabolism Boosting Meal Plan:

This book contains a list of great fat busting smoothies, teas, and meal plan to cleanse your body for quick weight loss. Additionally, you will find some great lunch and dinner recipes in this book.

Bonus #4 – Emergency Fat Loss Guide:

This bonus guide contains a detailed overview on hormones. It explains which hormones help in burning fat and which hormones store fat. In this guide, you will get tips and guidelines that will help you to reach your weight loss targets quickly.

Bonus #5 – Libido Boosting Foods:

In this free book, Bruce has given special importance to libido and provided a list of foods that boost libido in the body. This guide focuses on increasing nitric oxide in the body as it helps in maintaining and building muscles.

Bonus #6 – Abs-Friendly Dessert Recipes:

If you want to get hot six pack abs, then you should give importance to your diet. This book created for those people who want to get six pack abs and want to improve their diet plan. This book helps you in replacing junk food from your diet with healthy and natural foods.


Absolutely. This is a proven weight loss manual that has already been used by thousands of people with most of them recording really impressive results. Compiled by a reputable personality, The Lean Belly Breakthrough also boasts a lot of credibility. And if that is not enough to convince you, then you have up to 8 weeks (through its risk-free money back guarantee provision) to try it out and decide if it’s a right fit for you or not.

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