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Comprehensive Messages Of Obsession Review : What You Need To Know

In the song, Love is a wonderful Thing, Michael Bolton sings : “It makes ya smile through the pouring rain”

Indeed, few things can have the same feeling as falling in love. It is the sweetest experience one can ever go through. At the same time, relationship issues and breakups are among the most painful experiences.

This explains why some people are reluctant to fall in love, because it can be very hurting at times. We all deserve to be with someone who love us as much as we love them, but this is not usually easy to achieve.

But all the pain and bitterness in a relationship arise from the fact that women can’t nail down the men of their dreams. You see, getting him is the easy part. The hard part is to retain him and make him yours and yours only. This is where the Messages of Obsession by Karen Fox comes in.

In this detailed review, we tell you everything you need to know about the Messages of Obsession, and how you can use it to nail down just about any man in the world. Continue reading to learn more.

What is Messages Of Obsession?

Also called Emotional Hook Formula, Karen Fox’s the Messages Of Obsession is a detailed program that teaches you smart and easy ways of seducing and attracting your dream man.

It uses the drama in a special way to teach you how to trigger undying love, affection, as well as desires make any man fall stupidly in love with you. The techniques teach you how to attract the man of your dream, as opposed to pushing him away.

By correctly applying the techniques from this book, you will develop a special habit any man experience passionate love whenever he is around you. The system also helps you trigger emotional highs that are sure to keep your man interested in you for as long as you are chasing after him.

The ultimate goal of the program is to get attention, admiration and love from that special guy you always wanted to settle down with.

About the authors

Messages Of Obsession has been created by Aaron Fox and Elaine Chase. After her divorce, Elaine had a hard time getting back to the dating scene and was not able to attract the right man. However, she was able to discover a secret that enabled her to attract any man of her choice and she has shared every little bit of the secret in this program. According to the authors, the secret that they have shared in this program will enable you make your husband love and respect you.

How Does Messages Of Obsession works?

The program is premised on conversation-based techniques that enable your man to experience and express his emotional bonds easily. Contrary to the popular myth that men are only attracted to beautiful girls, the program will teach you how to break this belief and make any man want to spend the rest of his life with you.

Here are the four main concepts behind Karen Fox’s Messages Of Obsession

  • The Messages Of Obsession features proven techniques to attract a man to you, and can even help you make him addicted to you through using some drama.
  • Research shows that men are logical especially in their thought process. through the program, you will learn how to tap into his emotions to make him believe that being with you is the most logical decision. It helps you leverage his mind’s logical side and make him decide that being in a relationship with you makes perfect sense in all ways.
  • The Messages Of Obsession teaches you how to apply dramatic sex appeal to make him focused to you only. The biggest worry to most women is that their man will find someone who is sexier than them and quit the relationship. This section of the program addresses this insecurity by teaching you how to make your man see that you are the most beautiful woman he’s ever come across.
  • Finally, the program also teaches you how to use emotional varieties on your guy that helps avoid those boring moments that can sneak in the course of a relationship especially after the honeymoon period is over. This period sets in for most couples after a couple of months into a relationship.

Pros of Messages Of Obsession

  • You will learn how to hold your man’s attention: The program enables you to apply enough drama that serves as an important tool in the relationship. This will keep his interest in you and continuously remind him of how great you are.
  • Anyone can use the program: Anyone can use the program to improve their relationship. It doesn’t matter your age, background or status. There are absolutely no limitations as to who can use the program.
  • Bonus Extras : Included with the program are useful bonuses in form of PDF. These work together with the main product to help you land the man you have been dreaming of. Featured with the program are three bonus items that try to shed more light regarding the behavior of men.
  • Easy-to-understand content: The manner in which the content is presented is straightforward and easy to understand. You can use the program on your own without getting confused along the way. Karen did a wonderful job of making the program flexible and simple for all and sundry.
  • 60-day money back guarantee The product comes with a money back guarantee of 60 days, meaning that if for any reason you find that the program does not deliver the way you had expected, you will be refunded your money in full. There is no risk in buying this program.

Cons of Messages Of Obsession

  • The Messages Of Obsession is availed only in downloadable format and is not available in hard copy. This might present a challenge to some people.
  • It’s not a magic bullet. While the techniques shared in the program are obviously strong and will help any woman land her dream man, they don’t work overnight. It’s not like you’ll buy the program today and get your dream man the next day. There is commitment and effort that you need to put in the program. On top of that, patience is also important.


The Messages Of Obsession by Karen Fox is great product for women. It reveals the psychology behind the thinking of men, and allows women to tap into that and nail the man of their dreams. It teaches you how to grab your man’s attention, and keep him forever.

It is presented in simple and clear language which makes understanding and following it quite easy. If you are fed up with being ignored by men, the Messages Of Obsession by Karen Fox is all you need. Plus, it features three great bonus extras that will help you to capture any man you have set your sights on.

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