Moonlight Manifestation

What Is Moonlight Manifestation?

Moonlight Manifestation is an abundance manifestation program that contains vibration sound layering of 32 sound layers which opens up the Thalamus (a part located at the center of the brain) and sends manifestation commands to the subconscious mind when you sleep.
Alexander Wilson created Moonlight Manifestation after considering the prophecies of the Mayans and using the old customs of the Himalayan Yogis.
This program is different than all other manifestation programs you’ve tried before because it utilizes the ‘2 am manifestation window‘ when your Thalamus is on prime and chemical access into the mind that quiets all the negative sounds.
These Moonlight Manifestation soundtracks switch off your conscious mind when you get into a deep sleep and eliminate all sounds of fears, doubts, and other negative emotions. Moreover, these vibrational tracks keep the subconscious mind open and active to manifest your dreams.

How does Moonlight Manifestation work?

Moonlight Manifestation Program focuses on activating one of the most important parts of the brain known as the thalamus. The vibrations involved are combined into a healing symphony of instant transformation.

For the first night, one needs to listen to the Abundance Rising track for one time to set the magic number for the manifestation of the dream income. After this, one should regularly listen to the Divine Block Dissolver. Thus each night, the listener effectively blocks all negative energies that hinder the financial growth. 

The rest of the sound journeys are optional and can be used depending upon what the individual feels drawn to. The sound vibrations switch on the thalamus which leads to the flow of a sound quieting chemical into the brain.

As a result, all the external noises are blocked leading to deep sleep. The brainwaves, blood flow, and heart center shift to a waking state making one’s senses be converted to awareness in the form of dreams.

This is referred to as the Ultimate Dream Yoga state. Here, the individual becomes the real self and acts without any filter as the doubts and negative voices are silenced in the mind. As a result, manifestation takes place easily because the person’s energy synchronizes with that of the Universe. 

What is included in Moonlight Manifestation?

There are 3 sound journey series in Moonlight Manifestation Program. These are; 

  • The Income Manifestation Series: It comes with 9 sound journey series, out of which Abundance Rising and Divine Block Dissolver is referred to be the main sound vibrational systems. Each of these is encoded with 32 levels of vibrational layering.
  • Abundance Rising: Here, the user gets a magic number that impacts the income and financial status. 
  • Divine Block Dissolver: The listener works the subconscious mind to clear financial obstacles. 
  • Pure Presence: It helps to upgrade the vibrations within minutes and attract positive people. 
  • The 12D Self Activator: This one enables the listener to turn on one’s unique energy. 
  • The Soul’s True Purpose Akashic Journey: With the help of this sound journey, one can discover the highest mission that the person was born with. 
  • Past Life Karma Clearing: Just as the name suggests, it helps to get rid of the generational blocks for abundance.
  • The Overnight Signs journey: This one is meant to attain assistance from the Universe by calling in signs for guidance. 
  • Quantum Wealth Activation and Money Blocks DNA Clearing journeys: These are designed to facilitate transformation at the quantum DNA level. 
  • The Unstoppable Motivation Series: This series assures to help the listener to awaken inner powers and transform into the radiant powerful self. The motivation series helps to get rid of all the blockages from boosting self-confidence and courage to overcoming self-sabotage.
  • The Unlock Your Quantum Magic Series: It helps to improve talent and develop new skills. The magic series focusing on enhancing memory, IQ, and more.  

Benefits of Moonlight Manifestation:

  •     Action Is Important:The problem with the book like ‘The Secret’ tells us to think positive to attract positive things in life. Although the concept sounds good, it rarely works in practical life, in which we get more negative thoughts than positive ones. Moonlight Manifestation requires you to listen to these audio tracks, and this easy work brings changes in life.
  •     Builds On A Solid Foundation:The main reason why Moonlight Manifestation works and gets many positive reviews from users is that it builds on dream yogic principles and the old concepts used by Himalayan Yogis. In addition, it is the only manifestation program that utilizes the ‘2 am manifestation window’ – the best time for changing the thinking patterns in the subconscious mind.
  •     Not Only About Wealth:The Sound Journey’s track fixes the fundamental issue in your thinking patterns that negatively affect all aspects of your life. The frequency of these audio tracks will get deeper into the mind and remove doubts and beliefs that sabotage our efforts.
  •     Consistency:By listening to these audio tracks every day, Moonlight Manifestation creates a consistency of positive thoughts and thinking patterns that will raise your vibration and energy levels.
  •     Removes Trash From Mind:All those motivational and positive thinking audio will never work if you have old thinking patterns. To fix this issue, Moonlight Manifestation contains ‘Divine Blocks Dissolver,’ which will clear abundance blocks from the mind to make it easy for you to manifest miracles in your life.
  •     Easy To Use: Everyone knows it is a lot easier to listen to audio tracks rather than visualizing and creating images when the world around you is in shambles. With Moonlight Manifestation, all you need to do is put on headphones and hit play. These sound journey tracks will make changes WITHIN you before you make changes in your life.


When you use the Moonlight Manifestation program, you can start seeing positive results within the first week of its use. It would be better if you set some goals before you start using the program. This will keep you motivated along the way. Some users of this program have managed to get positive results on the first day of its use. To benefit from this program, you have to use it consistently and remain focused.

You can get any results you want, provided you stick to the program for a long time. However, it is worth mentioning that you have to approach this program with an open mind because the results are subjective and may take different duration for different people.

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