One And Done Workout

One and Done Workout is an exercise plan created by a renowned fitness trainer Meredith Shirk. During the course of years she has developed and launched a number of programs. The speciality of this program is that it doesn’t require any heavy gym equipment, or several hours from your busy schedule.

One and Done Workout Review: This workout plan is to get you in desired shape by toning your muscles and getting healthier. Earlier, the only option was to get registered in a gym and end up spending hours upon hours working out on machines. It is always important to have some effective activities in your schedule. May it be in the form of any sport or regular gymming but mostly it is tough to follow up regular visits to the gym. This eventually leads to cancellation of registration of the gym.

What Do You Need For This Workout?

This workout plan is designed in a way that it does not require any equipment or special condition. All you would need is a solid floor and a steady object to hold on to, like a stool or chair. This is a simple to do workout and all its exercises can be conveniently done at home. Its exercises are so indulging that they can be enjoyed by doing in groups and alone as well.

How Does it Work?

One and Done Workout program lasts for 7 minutes, yes you heard it right, 7 minutes only. Science suggests that if rightly done a 7-minute workout can be equally beneficial as taking a long run or doing weight training sessions. This is a vigorous workout that targets every part of the body to show effective results.

The beginners will experience muscle sore but with time the body adjusts with the workout as it starts showing visible better results. This plan is based on 12 exercises and it utilizes nothing more but body weight to initiate the fat loss process. To give a better boost to metabolism it is suggested to give a break of 10 seconds between each set of exercise.

The sequence of exercises is planned in a critical manner that it targets each body muscle turn by turn but it is also taken care that the muscles undergo right rounds of stress to prevent torn muscle.

The workout plans include core cardio exercises like planks, side planks, push ups, rotations, wall sits, abdominal crunch, lunges, step up on to chair, tricep dip and jumping jacks. These exercises are to be performed swiftly and each exercise will last for a span of 30 seconds only. To have better results the body should be pushed to put extra effort as on the normal intensity the body does not start the burning process.

How Can This Workout Plan Fit in Your Daily Routine?

This plan is designed in a way that it can be well fitted into daily routine. Though staying fit has never been easy, once the results start showing up then there is no stop to the hard work.

You can do the exercises in short spans like in the middle of your daily morning rituals like brushing your teeth, or while you watch your favorite show you can utilize commercial breaks and get on with some planks or crunches, set a reminder in your cell phone and make notes of the workouts, take stairs instead of elevators or walk instead of drive to nearby store.

What to Expect From It?

This plan triggers the metabolism of the body by physical activities, there can be a number of results that can be anticipated on proper follow of this plan. Lets have a glance at the results:

 Burns fats: These exercises are trusted for the guaranteed fat burn. This plan helps in fast paced fat burning process, the fat molecules are converted into energy which is released in the form of heat from the body.

Better muscle growth: The aim of the plan does not only stick with burning fats of the body it also helps you to tone your body and have good muscle mass rather fat mass in body. It starts with burning fats to slim down the body and then help in building muscle strength.

 Better stamina: With such core exercises in the plan, it also helps the body to build better stamina with time. It further adds a great value in the other essential tasks and part of life. Lethargy, numbness, drowsiness will no longer be prevailing conditions in your routine life.

The Pros

  • Say goodbye to long, boring, tedious workouts. With One And Done Workout, it’s all about short and sharp bursts – so easy to fit around even the busiest lifestyle.
  • Works whatever stage of life you’re at. But is even more effective for ladies who’re hormonal, or at ‘that’ time of life….
  • Will see you lose weight fast! In fact, in the first couple of weeks you’ll experience a large amount of weight loss.
  • You never need to max out your heart rate, making your workouts a breeze to get through (not to mention making them a great option for anyone with a cardiac condition).

The Cons

  • Well, that’ll be your own disbelief that such a way of working out can actually have the incredible results promised. But the best thing is that One And Done Workout comes with a full money back guarantee. So you can try it out for weeks, and if you’re not completely satisfied, then get every red cent of your money back….

The Bottom Line

Wow…. We have to say it, because One And Done Workout not only brings all it promises to the party, but we actually think that it’s advertising totally undersells it (and that’s a rarity in these days of complete hyperbole!). We love the fact that isn’t a crazy strict diet and workout regime. It’s something that each and everyone of us can undertake, no matter what stage of fitness you’re at, how old you might be, or how unfit. And it’s even suitable for those with cardiac conditions, because you never have to become crazily exerted.

This really is a done-for-you method of losing weight and becoming fitter. And you don’t need to ever set foot in a gym, which for us is a huge bonus. One And Done Workout works, pure and simple. And with it’s 60 day, 100% money back guarantee you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose. Except, that is, the weight. Awesome, that’s all we’ve got to say, awesome…!

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