Piano For All

What is Piano For All?

Piano for All which is created by Robin Hall, is one of the top quality Piano Methods available but because it is all-complete and downloadable you can keep it at a reasonable price.

Pianoforall is an online step by step program which is aimed at giving a beginner a good foundation of piano chords and rhythms. Pianoforall has grown to become one of the most popular alternatives to taking professional piano lessons. With Pianoforall, anyone can get to learn how to play the piano. This Pianoforall review seeks to help you know more on what it is about and how it works.

What is included in Piano For All ?

The Piano For All course comes with 200 videos which are approximately 10 hours long. In addition, you get to have 500 audios and 9 eBooks. The eBooks are named eBook 1 all through eBook 9. Each one of the eBooks offers different lessons on different music genres and chords. Whereas the audio enables one to hear what they will play, the video, on the other hand, is necessary so as one can see what they need to play so as to make a particular sound. That is what makes Pianoforall so convenient.

The videos are also necessary as they can be used for clarification. For instance, if one is not understanding the audio, the video can be instrumental in guiding them through what they need to do as they have verbal instructions. The combination of all these features that come with the Pianoforall is all aimed at enabling one to learn the different chords used to play a song.

Pros :

  • Cheap – Pianoforall is a cheap and convenient way through which you can get to play music using a piano. Previously, one would have to take up piano lessons from a professional teacher. The lesson is charged per hour and are expensive. However with the Pianoforall, once you buy it, there are additional costs that come after.
  • Pianoforall Can Be Used by Anybody – Pianoforall was created for anyone. You do not need to have a background in music for you to comfortably use it. The product uses more of audios and videos as opposed to musical notes. Therefore, Pianoforall provides a simple way of learning the piano. Both beginners and those who wish to improve their skills can learn a great deal from using Pianoforall. To add on that, the chords and rhythms that are taught give one a great foundation which they can use in playing other songs.
  • Interactive eBooks – The eBooks that come with Pianoforall are of greatly beneficial. Not only do they help one learn chords and rhythms but also speed and how one can focus themselves towards achieving the same. The versatile genres that it has on the eBooks give this Pianoforall an edge over other products that are available.
  • Easy to Install – The Pianoforall can be installed on many devices. It works effectively on a PC, Mac, iPad or Android devices. Given that the files are in PDF form, one has the option of either printing them out or viewing the files from the named devices which the product can be accessed from.

Cons :

  • One Only Gets to Learn the Basics – For Pianoforall, it mostly teaches the basics of how one can play the piano or keyboard. As stated earlier, Pianoforall puts more emphasis on teaching the chords and rhythm rather than the music theory. Therefore, this will not be an effective learning tool if one is seeking to be a professional pianist. They will require additional lessons other than those learned from Pianoforall.
  • Difficulty in Evaluating Progress – Given that Pianoforall allows one to self-teach themselves, it is hard to truly determine the progress that one is making. This is because you cannot really tell whether you are playing the piano in the right way. There is a need to develop a forum that can enable those using the Pianoforall product to be able to communicate and share their progress.

Conclusion :

The Pianoforall is a great product that is worth buying. It is well crafted in such a manner that the process is easy and fun for the learner. By following the instructions on Pianoforall, you can get to understand the basics. With the basics taught about the rhythm techniques and chords on Pianoforall, you can continue exploring the piano and become better at it.

In conclusion, Pianoforall gives one a chance of learning the basics without having to spend a lot of money. The Pianoforall program is, however, more suitable for beginners. As much as the process has been simplified, it still required commitment if one wishes to learn within a short period of it. You should use Pianoforall if you are looking for a fun way of learning the piano.

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