Starting From Zero

What is Starting From Zero all about?

It is a training that focuses on the 5-step process essential for an e-commerce business. A formula that teaches how to create an online store, source products, and target the right visitors.

It also makes you learn how to multiply profits repeating the same process.

Here’s what the 5-Step System looks like:

Step #1: Instant Online Presence – Here you discover how easy it is to create your own online presence. Fred Lam has shared the exact resources he used to get started.
Step #2: Inventory Arbitrage – You learn how to sell products without maintaining a warehouse or shipments. The real method is hidden here!
Step #3: Fast & Targeted Traffic – This step shows you the only strategy you need to follow to generate targeted audiences. No need to experiment your hands elsewhere.
Step #4: Profit Multiplier – Here Fred Lam shared ways on how you can ask your customers for more money while providing them with value and what they truly want without annoying them.
Step #5: Rinse & Repeat – My favorite step ;-)! All you need to do is count on your profits and repeat the entire process. No further investment required here.

What is included Starting From Zero?

The book includes the audio and PDF version. It starts with Fred Lam’s introduction and portrays how he started from zero experience in internet marketing.

His journey is based on struggle and success as an entrepreneur. Which in turn helped him master his complete 5-Step Blueprint shared in this book.

The book has been divided into 8 chapters namely:

Chapter #1: The 30,000 Foot Overview – Here you learn how to turn a $100 into a profitable e-commerce business.

Chapter #2: Your Opportunity Within The Falling Empire Of Retailers – Here you discover how retail and Amazon business revolutionized leading to profits. You also learn the importance and benefits of e-commerce.

Chapter #3: The Digital Goldmine Opportunity – In this chapter, you learn how to select a profitable niche, secure a domain and start creating your brand presence.

Chapter #4: The Wizard Behind E-Commerce – It is a complete Shopify chapter where you learn how to build a store, add payment processing and connect your store to receive payments.

Chapter #5: The Inventory Arbitrage – Here you get access to millions of pieces of inventory. You learn how to sell branded goods, find products that sell and the pricing formula.

Chapter #6: “Build It and They Will Come” Is False – Here you learn the importance and 3 major ways to drive traffic.

Chapter #7: The Magical Alignment of Your Buyers – This chapter brings you the magic of using Facebook ads. Look at which ad is performing best, and at which ad set is performing the best. Pause the ones that are not in alignment with the 4 Levels of Optimization.

Chapter #8: Scaling Up to Multi-Millions – This chapter helps scale up a business through emails and different traffic methods. You also learn how to strengthen your brand, diversify the product lines and flip your store.

What Will You Get From Starting From Zero?

As soon as you pay for the book, you get instant access to the audiobook and PDF. You will receive an email on your registered email address.

The book includes the 8 chapters and the 6 B.S. blueprint if you opt for it during registration. It is a framework course on 6 highly-profitable ways Fred used to generate 6-figures and more a year!

With the receipt from ClickBank of your purchase details, you get another email from Fred Lam’s team. This will include your digital access to the book. Simply log in with the given password.

Cost Starting From Zero ?

The cost of Starting from Zero 2.0 book is as low as USD $1.99. However, you will come across a few upsells to make your learning more advanced.

Since they are optional, you can skip them.

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