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Text Your Ex Back Review 

Text Your Ex Back System is a self-help guide that is designed to help you get you ex back using a text messaging program. It is also designed to provide real relationship advice as well as getting through the break-up emotions and effective strategies of improving the attraction. Basically, it is the relationship guide to getting him or her back over a text message.

The program was created by Michael Fiore, a relationship and dating expert. It is available as an online program that means you can access at anywhere and anytime. While you may think that the program involves just texting, it is actually a comprehensive self-help guide that covers numerous relationship issues and how you can successful get text your ex back for life.

What’s Included In Text Your Ex Back System?

The 145 pages eBook is further broken down into 11 different modules that guide you through a step-by-step program of getting your ex back successfully through text messaging. The 11 modules consist of Michael Fiore’s video, audio and mp3 introductions as well as eBook (PDF) files. You can opt to read the files directly or even download them to your personal computer.
The 11 modules of Text Your Ex Back Include;
Module 1 – Introduction.

The Author introduces himself and describes the purposes of the program. He also provides guidelines for those compelled to live with their ex-partners due to working together, children, school or just living together.
Module 2 – The Dumper and the Dumped.

This guide helps in identifying the real cause of the break up. The section helps you determine if you got dumped like in case of infidelity, cheating or even when your partner says they are no longer feeling you. You may also be the dumper and end up realizing that you made a mistake.
Module 3 – The big Goal.

This section emphasizes on honest reflection on why you need your ex back. It contains examples and prompts to help you visualize an ideal relationship and learn what changes needed to be made for the new relationship to work.
Module 4 – Flight Check.

This module contains checklists for ensuring that you are ready to begin texting your ex. It also provides a series of methods and techniques effective in keeping you in the right emotional state as you text.
Module 5 – Text Judo.

It gives a description of how to use positive and negative emotional intensity to regain the love, affection, attention and interests of your ex. It outlines a six-phase texting approach and you can also record sweet experiences, memories, and emotions.
Module 6 – Across The Bow Texts.

This module consists of effective communication skills, frequency as well as nature of contact to keep with your ex. It provides details for having an inspiring conversation, making the initial contact as well as ensuring that you do not jeopardize the opportunity of having your ex back.
Module 7 – Prepping the Soil

The module reveals techniques for emotional language and creation of positive association using past experiences of you and your partner.
Module 8 – The Green-eyed Monster.

It discloses how you can harness jealousy in a positive manner that creates interest and attraction with your ex.
Module 9 – Planting the Seeds.

It provides effective measures for showing emotional support and conveying care for your ex especially when they are going through hard times.
Module 10 – Reaping the Harvest.

This module is sub-divided into three parts; Emotional Harvest Texts, Attraction Texts and Virtual To physical Texts where you transits to real dating.
Module 11 – Texting Steady.

The last module gives a guidance on how to maintain a strong messaging connection as you begin dating again.

Benefits of text your ex back

  • Text are easy to understand
  • Lots of Examples Provided : The System Contains Lots of examples and templates. You can start to follow immediately.
  • Money back guarantee


  • Bonus 1 – 100 Ready to Use Texts
  • Bonus 2 – Infidelity Buster
  • Bonus 3 – Instant Forgiveness
  • Bonus 4 – Facebook Romance Secrets

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